fun facts: UCI and the Silver Screen

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In 2001, OCEAN'S ELEVEN filmed the scenes where Danny Ocean and his team steal a "pinch" to create an electromagnetic pulse were filmed at the Gillespie Neuroscience Research Facility on Irvine campus. The scenes were filmed at night and when the university was closed over the weekend. During the shooting, Clooney and the rest of the gang had a late night bite at the Anteatery!

Brad Pitt on the back roof of the Gillespie Neuroscience Research as Clooney and the guys (in the truck) steal the 'pinch' from UCI.)


In the CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (1972), the fourth movie in the five film series:
Set in 1991, North America is a police state in which cats and dogs have been wiped out by a virus brought back from space by astronauts, and the human race has enslaved and domesticated all primates under the leadership of Governor Breck (Don Murray). Though the previous film's heroes, Zira and Cornelius, were murdered two decades ago simply for having the ability to think and speak, their son Caeser (Roddy McDowall) was spared through the generosity of Armando the circus keeper (Ricardo Montalban). Now, a grown-up Caeser senses that the time is ripe for revolution, and he declares vengeance and foments war between humans and apes when Armando perishes trying to keep the smart simian's identity a secret. The openning sequence is on the steps of Social Science Tower leading to the ring. The large protest and demonstrations scenes were filmed on the UC Irvine campus. At one point the apes storm the University Administration building to overthrow their human rulers. This metaphor raises an inevitable question among students, faculty and UCI administrators: who amongst us are the humans, and who are the apes?

Apes on the library plaza from the film. Aldrich Park in the background is matted with a cityscape.)

Use your research skills to discover which other movies and other productions have used UCI locations!

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