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Recycle Mania Tournament

Recycle Mania

Recycle Mania Tournament

UCI Hits Its Goal Once More, Ranking in the top 10 for RecycleMania!

UCI has sealed its rank in the top 5% of the nation again this year. We have achieved the Top 10 standing in the competition 7 years in a row. In this year's RecycleMainia, our rank in the national standing is 9th in overall Diversion Rate and 6th in Total Recycling for the Bragging Rights category.

RecycleMania is an annual competition that takes places between February and April and it's a chance for schools to compete and demonstrate who has the best recycling program. Promoting recycling and reuse on campus is the main goal of the competition.

Help us maintain this momentum all year long by recycling, reusing, and reducing!

Go Anteaters! Zot Zot Zot!

Questions? Or you want to learn how you can help support recycling more? Please contact: Anne Krieghoff at akriegho@uci.edu