Building Facilities Managers (BFM)

Updated February 8, 2024

Many campus departments have unit-based building managers and/or internal procedures for resolving building problems. These staff are not Facilities Management employees, but may work with Facilities Management to resolve your problems.

Department Contact
Anteater Learning Pavilion (ALP) Son Nguyen (949-824-8415)
Eric Rupp (949-824-6962)
Athletics/Crawford Hall Paul Hope (949-824-5941)
CAL IT2 - California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Ryan Smith (949-824-4488)
Campus Recreation Jake Soto (949-824-1365)
Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (CNLM) Diana Lofflin (949-824-4186)
Claire Trevor School of the Arts Jeff Stube (949-824-8765)
Continuing Education (University Extension) Miguel Villegas (949-824-7610)
Drew Chesen ( 949-824-6598)
Department of Education Luther Tolbert (949-824-8063)
Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences Jason Cleaver (949-824-9404)
Henry Samueli School of Engineering Dennis Aldridge (949-824-9246)
Henry Cordova (949-824-2618)
Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building (ISEB) Hieu Quang Trinh (949-824-3578)
Langson Library, Science Library, & Library Gateway Kristine Ferry (949-824-0474)
Mario Lao (949-824-7217)
Office of Information Technology (OIT) Shelly Toole (949-824-2264)
School of Biological Sciences Christine Panelli (949-824-8284)
School of Humanities Colin Andrews (949-824-2493)
Jeremy Saine (949-824-7891)
School of Law Garth Revtyak (949-824-5758)
School of Medicine Justin Arnold (949-824-4660)
Allison Rodriguez (949-824-2569)
School of Physical Sciences Crystal Shaw (949-824-9375)
School of Social Ecology Paul Lange (949-824-6841)
School of Social Sciences Allison Marks (949-824-7667)
Ben Hernandez (949-824-3883)
Student Center Antonio Gonzalez-Becerra (949-824-2169)
Student Housing Housing Operations Service Center (HOSC) (949-824-7491)
Susan & Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences (COHS) Brian Paredes (949-824-7118)
The Bren Events Center Danny Spitzer (949-824-5050)
The Paul Merage School of Business Berlester Mitchell (949-824-3243)