Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance provides routine and preventative maintenance throughout UCI's state-funded spaces, including classrooms, lecture halls, restrooms, corridors, and lobby areas. This maintenance work includes light bulb changes, roof preventative maintenance, and other minor repairs as listed below.

  • Ceiling tile repair and replacement
  • Cove molding and vinyl floor tiles repair
  • Dead animal pickup; interior only (exterior: grounds unit)
  • Fire extinguisher cabinet repair and replacement
  • Flood response
  • Fountain upkeep
  • Fume hood cables, sashes, lights, and guard repair and replacement
  • General assignment classrooms projection screens repair, projection equipment maintenance, desk and chair repair and replacement, and clock maintenance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Light fixture, light bulb, lens diffuser, task lighting, and ballast replacement
  • Restroom dispenser repair and replacement, including paper towels, sanitary bins, seat covers, soap dispensers, and toilet paper
  • Restroom repair and replacement of mirrors, partitions, and toilet seats
  • Roof leaks and rain gutter repair and preventative maintenance
  • Stair tread repair
  • Window blind repair and window replacement, tinting, and caulking