HVAC, Automation, & Refrigeration

HVAC, Automation, and Refrigeration shops operate and maintain air conditioning equipment, including supply air, exhaust air, cooling, and heating systems. Services include:

  • Operation and maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems such as:
    • Building air handler cooling, heating, and fan systems
    • Building automation systems, including setpoints and schedules
    • Building exhaust fan systems
    • Establish, test, and monitor critical air flow and temperature alarms for research labs and vivarium spaces
    • Refrigeration equipment, including direct-expansion air conditioners, environmental cold rooms, and ice machines
  • Certification and adjustment of all fume hood airflows on campus
  • Maintain accurate refrigerant recordkeeping of the proper handling and usage of refrigerant to ensure compliance with EPA regulations
  • Responding to hot/cold calls and keeping spaces within campus standards temperature setpoint