Renovations (Project Services)

Project Services provides complete construction management services for campus renovation projects of all sizes. Services include:

  • Project Management
    • Assessment of project feasibility, considering the existing condition, utility availability, and project scope of work
    • Initial scope, budget, and schedule development
    • Hiring, coordinating, and managing design professionals and shepherding design through internal review processes until construction documents are complete.
    • Contracting for construction contractors, including selecting delivery methods and preparing construction specifications.
    • Serve as coordination point with contractors, designers, customers, and the campus community to successfully complete projects
  • Engineering and Inspection
    • Provide plan check and inspection services for renovation projects
    • Provide warranty administration services for new building and renovation construction
    • Updates and maintain campus design standards and master specifications
    • Manage deferred maintenance capital project database
    • Provide engineering support to Energy Management unit, Central Plant operations, utility infrastructure, building renovation design, and new capital construction projects