Facilities Management

Engineering Group, Building Records Unit

Section 1

The Building Records Unit maintains the construction records on behalf of the University and provides copies of them to University staff that need them for operation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. We perform many records-related services as outlined below.

Building Records Unit List of Services:

  • Electronic Records Archive and Retrieval
    • Scanned Legacy Drawings
    • AutoCAD Format Drawings
    • Small Format Documents (submittals, product data, operations and maintenance manuals)
  • Physical Copy Archive
    • Archive hard copies per University Policy
  • Systems Mapping (Graphical Presentation of Diverse Data)
    • Electrical Systems (Campus Single Line)
    • Thermal Utilities (Chilled Water, High Temperature Water, Heating Water)
    • Compressed Air
    • Natural Gas
    • Potable Water
    • Reclaimed Water
    • Sanitary Sewer
    • Storm Drains
    • Maintenance Areas (Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance Zones)
    • Floor Plans
  • Special Projects
    • Public Records Requests
  • Small Design Projects
  • Support of all construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of the campus by archiving and providing records for Campus

FM CAD Standards

UCI FM Master Specifications (Zip file)